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Palaio Faliro

“…on a busy beach in Athens,
an American woman completes
a magical journey,
giving her father’s ashes to the sea…”

Palaio Faliro, an experimental short that takes place in Greece about a woman grieving her father, screened at Taos Shortz in 2019, premiered at Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2018, and screened alongside SOBU:DMA at Jaipur International Film Festival 2019 in Jaipur, India. Additionally, a review of this work discussing Kiki Shaki as a filmmaker was written by Laura Bulkin of the Taos News.

Letting go...
Palaio Faliro
Love you Dad
Palaio Faliro

Interview with Filmmaker Kiki Shakti @JIFF| Jaipur| Bharat News Tv Prime

Society Burning: Deleting Me Again

Official Music Video
by Society Burning (aka SOBU:DMA)

Society Burning: Deleting Me Again (Official Music Video) premieres at Berlin Short Film Festival and screens at the 11th annual Aryan Jaipur International Film Festival.

Society Burning: A Manifesto
Deleting Me Again
  • Society Burning: A Manifesto
Society Burning: Deleting Me Again Production Still
Deleting Me Again

Global Pandemic

Locked Down
in La Mancha

Kiki Shakti,
owner of Kiki Love Productions in Taos,
talks about quarantine in Spain

Artist in Residency!


In 2020,
I attended the Flatlands Artist Residency
in Villarrobledo, Spain,
where I wrote the screenplay for Timestretchers,
my first feature screenplay.

Kiki Shakti describes her experience writing her movie script during her stay at the Flatlands Artist Residency.

Flatlands Interview
Flatlands Interview

Interview: Kiki Shakti at the Flatlands Artist Residency